Profit First, the bestselling book implemented by 600,000+ small businesses now a videobook

November 10, 2021
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BOONTON, N.J.Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Profit First by author and keynote speaker Mike Michalowicz has been read by over 1 million readers, remains on the Amazon best seller list since 2014, is translated into 23 languages and is now in videobook format.

Perfect for visual learners, Michalowicz guides viewers through the Profit First system that innovated methods to maximize profitability, crush debilitating debt, and ultimately lead to financial freedom for over 600,000 businesses internationally.

“The Profit First videobook is a game changer for small business owners,” said Mike Michalowicz. “They can establish the crucial cash management system of Profit First while enjoying the convenience of this condensed version.”

Watch the trailer here:

This new, documentary-like production created by the Emmy® award-winning team at LIT Videobooks, is just over an hour allowing viewers to watch the core concepts of the Profit First System come to life.

Mike Michalowicz became a self-made millionaire…and had to declare bankruptcy all in his thirties “It is sad, but the vast majority of businesses struggle with profitability.”  Everything taught in school tells business owners that profitability is what is left over.  It is an afterthought.  Changing the way businesses look at profit, Mike now teaches the simple methodology to become permanently profitable… take your profit first.

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