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Betty Morin and Yin Goh, Co-Founders of Primitive Feast, talk about why they started their business. Betty and Yin talk about how their business went from starting out at the farmers market to now being sold in grocery stores.

Marshall Field, CEO of California Green Tree, gives advice on how to set goals and how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Ryan Byrne, Founder and CEO of The Buzz Lab, talks about how they help tech companies tell their story in a more humanized way, and what his process was like getting his business started.

Alex Wehrley gives a Business Rockstars Minute on four steps to take to help you create a successful business.

Steve Watts and Angela Watts, Co-Founders of Slyde Handboards, talk about how their customers have helped them build their business, and share what their experience was like on Shark Tank.

Matthew Griffin and Donald Lee from Combat Flip Flops, share why they think it's better to go direct to consumer rather than through retail. 

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