Pernille Lopez
Former CEO- IKEA North America
Brittany Lehman
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Alex interviews Skyler Ditchfield, CEO and Co-Founder of GeoLinks, GeoLinks is a leading telecommunications company and competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) public utility, nationally recognized for its innovative Internet and Hosted Voice solutions. Skyler and Alex talk about the fear of failure and where he got the motivation to start his own business.
Robert Brass, the CFO of Daqri gives financial management tips for startups. Robert discusses his role as CFO in a company that focuses on augmented reality. Robert explains the hardest part of working at a technology company from a financial perspective. He also gives financial management tips for startup companies!
Mark Lack interviews Jill Angelo, CEO of Genneve, a women's healthcare company focusing on women's hormonal health.
Mark and Jill talk about the startup experience and the roller coaster ride of the entrepreneurial journey. Jill talks about the hardest part of starting a business and her journey at Microsoft before starting her current business.
Alex talks to Davis Siksnans, CEO at Printful, Printful prints, stores, and ships t-shirts and other products for online merchants. Davis talks about how his e-commerce site, Printful, differentiates itself from its competitors.
Mika Onishi, Co-Founder of UPTOGOOD, talks about having big dreams, "You can grab it right out of the air and make things happen." 
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Master Coaching Session - Staying Motivated
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Master Coaching Session - Ask The CEO
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Brian Liu
Chairman / Co-Founder Legal Zoom
"I measure success on not how
much money you have but how well
you do, what it is you do "
Thom Beers
Former CEO of Freemantle Media
"It’s not the destination, it’s the journey."
Adena Friedman
CEO Nasdaq
"I tend to use travel time as time to think. You start to think about where you want to take the business. What are the challenges how do I overcome those challenges?"
Pernille Spiers - Lopez
Former CEO at Ikea
"No matter what, we gotta do a good job. Sometimes you've got to roll up your sleeves and start from the bottom"
Robert Sillerman
Founder of SFX Broadcasting
"Your success will be dependant on not just how you present the idea but you yourself"
Jamie Foxx
Entrepreneur, Actor, Investor      
"You can grab it right out of the air and make things happen if you look at what's going on. "
James Curleigh
President of Levi’s
"We all have scars in life and business but as long as you look at it like an earned scar, I think that's fine."
Lisa Sugar
Founder of Pop Sugar
"Things don't happen overnight. You really do have to work really hard and put your all in. Over time that's when things become more prosperous for you"
Tilman Fertitta
CEO of Landry's, Inc., 
"The biggest mistake that people make is that when things are good, they never think the bad is coming and visa versa. "
John Paul Dejoria
Billionaire / John Paul Mitchell Systems / Patron Tequila / House of Blues
" You've got to find something where you're going to be above and better than the competition "
Elizabeth Hammer
CEO of Bird Bakery
" There are 9 Million reasons why you shouldn't do something and there's one why you should. Entrepreneurs focus on that one thing. "
Keith Krach
Former CEO of DocuSign 
"Hire the best people, get them working together as a team. That's the multiplier, in terms of synergy "
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