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Ashley Summer & Gianna Wurzl
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Alex Wehrley
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Robyn Young, Co-Founder of Robyn Young and Co., talks about her entrepreneurial journey and gives advice on all things branding.

Chris Sheng, Co-Founder of Renly, shares what qualities he thinks make a successful entrepreneur.

Patrick Stakenas, President and CEO of Determine Inc., talks about the importance of doing your homework before making moves with your company, and how to utilize data to build a stronger business.

Alex Wehrley gives a Business Rockstars Minute on how to move a deal along that seems to be at a standstill.

Nic Roc, President and Designer of The Roc Shop, tells the inspiring story of how she took a cancer diagnosis, and turned it into the motivation to use her voice and create her company to empower others. 

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