Zeta Energy Closes $23 Million Series A Funding led by Moore Strategic Ventures for its Advanced Lithium Sulfur Battery Technology

February 1, 2022
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HOUSTONFeb. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Zeta Energy, a Texas-based company that has developed a safe, low-cost, high performance and sustainable battery for the electric vehicle and energy storage markets, announced today that it has closed its $23 million Series A round led by Moore Strategic Ventures.

Zeta Energy has developed a lithium sulfur battery system with both a proprietary cathode and a proprietary anode. Its sulfur-based cathodes offer superior stability and higher sulfur content, outperforming current metal-based cathode materials. Zeta’s proprietary sulfurized carbon material prevents the polysulfide shuttle effect that has long held back advances in lithium sulfur batteries. Zeta’s sulfur-based cathodes are also inherently inexpensive, have high capacity, use no cobalt, nickel or manganese, and dramatically simplify and secure the supply chain.

Zeta Energy has also developed lithium metal anodes that outperform other current and advanced anode technologies, with significantly higher energy density than other major anode chemistries and without any of the dendrite issues common to lithium metal.

“We are delighted to have Moore Strategic Ventures join Zeta Energy. Moore’s focus on transportation, advanced materials, energy, and clean tech aligns perfectly with Zeta’s strategic objectives,” said Charles Maslin, founder and CEO of Zeta Energy. “We are so excited to work together to help the world transition to clean energy and build a more sustainable future.”

Zeta Energy will use the investment to expand its laboratory facility in Houston and further commercialization activities for its battery technology.

About Moore Strategic Ventures
Moore Strategic Ventures, LLC is the privately held investment company for Louis M. Bacon, Founder and CEO of Moore Capital Management, LP.

About Zeta Energy
Zeta Energy is a US-based privately-held company focused on developing and commercializing high performance, safe, rechargeable batteries that are lower cost and sustainably manufactured. Zeta has filed more than thirty patents on its proprietary carbon nanotube anode and sulfur cathode technology. The Company may from time to time disclose public material events via its website at http://www.ZetaEnergy.com or its social media accounts at the following locations:

SOURCE Zeta Energy

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