VRYNT raises $1.5M seed funding with investors including 15x Grammy Award-winning Mix Engineer/Producer Jaycen Joshua

December 20, 2021
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LOS ANGELESDec. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VRYNT, Land [-82, -62], The Sandbox Metaverse – VRYNT (Veh – ree – ent), a next-generation e-Commerce platform for NFTs focused on the Metaverse, today announced the successful completion of its initial funding round with strategic investors.


VRYNT is an innovative and easy to use platform that enables social influencers to create bespoke NFT collections built and influenced by their communities. Building its virtual corporate offices in the Sandbox, a Metaverse where users can build, own, and monetize their virtual worlds, VRYNT is also among the first platforms to provide the tools for anyone to create an NFT by affording a user the ability to purchase a pack of component cards from their preferred social creator’s collection. These card packs — which vary in scarcity or availability —  are filled randomly with components that the community will use to create a VRYNT of the original image in a collection selected by the Social Influencer.

The funding round raised a total of $1.5 million, securing investments from strategic partners, including 15X Grammy Award-winning Mix Engineer/Producer Jaycen Joshua, owner of Canton House Studios, and Steve Miller, Co-Founder of Anomaly Create which manages music artists, and their social brands in the metaverse. This financing will drive growth with committed revenue and artist launch partners, a combination that will serve as the rocket fuel to propel the company through its aggressive growth phase after the Beta launch in the first quarter of 2022.

“The VRYNT platform is poised at the crossroads of disruption in commerce, entertainment, and a new economy of ‘meta-Culture’ value creation,” said Eric Meyer, Vice Chairman of VRYNT. “VRYNT offers Social Influencers transformative financial control of their respective brands and a fresh way to engage their audience.”

VRYNT will release its transformational e-Commerce based NFT generation engine to market which will enable Social Influencers to hyper-engage their followers through a scalable, multi-market, multi-tiered, gamified, value creation experience. VRYNT puts the control in the hands of the Social Influencer by decentralizing the business model, allowing the Social Influencer to not only capture the value of their brand but share that value with their community.

These are the building blocks of commerce in the Metaverse, and VRYNT will usher in the ability to capture and share the value in “meta-Culture.”

“VRYNT completes this disruptive transformation with the democratization of economic rewards for a new generation of community generated content,” said Steve Miller, Co-Founder of Anomaly Create. “As a result, our artists now have the full package of influence and reward to successfully drive into the next evolution of NFTs and the Metaverse.”

Future Forward
VRYNT native Binance Smart Chain token $VRYNT plans to be available for sale via a public IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) program announced in the new year.

VRYNT brings the power of e-Commerce based NFT monetization to the Metaverse. The platform decentralizes the business model, handing control of the revenue structure to Social Influencers and Brands. At the same time, it hyper-engages the community of the Social Influencer. It allows them to actively participate in value creation.

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