Chalkboard, A Revolutionary New Messaging App For Sports Bettors, Debuts To Socially Unite Fans On An Entirely New Level For An Enhanced And Thrilling Game Day Experience

December 7, 2021
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CHICAGODec. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today Chalkboard, a revolutionary new social sports betting app, unveils its data-driven, gamified messaging platform that connects bettors and fans on an exciting new level. The unique and innovative social platform provides seamless real-time bet tracking, score updates and heightened social interaction between sports fans, friends and families for an entirely new sports betting experience. Chalkboard aims to create a welcoming environment bringing more people together, newcomers and betting pros, to experience the thrill of betting on a sporting event – no matter the size of the wager.


The bet “placement” isn’t the exciting part of sports betting,” says Ted Mauze, Chalkboard CEO and Cofounder. “The unforgettable moments occur once that bet goes live, your team has the come-from-behind win in reach, and the group chat is having a collective meltdown. Those heart-racing moments deserve a gamified upgrade, and we built Chalkboard to do just that.

Until now, sports bettors have been forced to app-toggle across a handful of social, scores, and bet-tracking apps to enjoy sports betting with friends. . With the newly-released Chalkboard app, participants have everything they need in one integrated experience. Users can sync all of their real sportsbook wagers and track scores, play-by-play and stats from major leagues such as the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and others, all while remaining one tap away from their messages.

As one seamless solution, Chalkboard offers a suite of unique sports betting services:

  • BOARDS – Community-driven, multi-channel messaging spaces allow users to tap into built-in networks run by betting influencers who provide tips, tutorials and help facilitate discussion and contests.
  • BOOK SYNC – Automatically track your bets across all major sportsbooks. Chalkboard users can link their many sportsbook accounts to seamlessly track all bets in one place.
  • MESSAGING – Picks and scores flow directly into your group chat. Chalkboard group chats are crowned with live score banners that show users the scores of the games they are betting on.
  • LIVE SCORES – Real-time play-by-play, scores, stats, and updates. Jump back and forth from group chat to gamecast at the tap of a button.
  • BET TRACKING – Submit picks to track your performance over time. Find out which of your friends has the best win percentage and unit count.
  • LINES & PROPS – Consensus betting odds for every major sport. Submit a betslip to track bets in your group chats and profile.

The new ‘Boards’ functionality gives more people, especially newcomers, the chance to experience the thrill of betting on a sporting event – regardless of how large or small their wager is. Friends, co-workers and family members looking to extend their networks can join a board for a season or bet alongside their favorite influencers.

We’re at an exciting time where new betting markets are opening up and larger numbers of people are trying out sports betting,” says Saniyah, NBA sports betting influencer & Chalkboard NBA Community Manager. “The new ‘boards’ feature helps Chalkboarders extend their betting network and even learn how to place bets on new sports. It’s a great way to learn and share the excitement of sports betting with others.

Chalkboard was created out of necessity by a group of lifelong friends who have always shared a passion for sports betting. When life took each of them to opposite parts of the country, they remained close with each other through their sports betting group chat but found it cumbersome to separately track their bets and share sports data from other applications. They developed Chalkboard to pull everything under into one platform that made it easy to stay in touch and track their bets.

We always knew our friendships were strengthened by our love for sports betting,” continued Mauze. “Our goal with Chalkboard is to help other bettors like us engage with their communities and friends by tracking bets, talking about it, and sharing in the wins.

Download Chalkboard on the App Store and join the community via iPhone. Follow along with all things Chalkboard on Instagram and Twitter.

Chalkboard is the first social messaging platform for sports betting fueled by real-time data bringing all sportsbooks under one roof. Chalkboard provides seamless bet tracking, score updates and social interaction between sports fans, friends and families for an entirely new sports betting experience. Chalkboard’s mission is to bring people together to enjoy the thrill of sporting events through an enhanced and heightened sports betting experience. Download Chalkboard on the App Store, and visit for more information.

Alex Jessup, JESSUP PR

SOURCE Chalkboard

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