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Our Weekly Biz Bytes Segment and on Business Rockstars TV?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BizBytes?

BizBytes is a short video that features 3 companies a week. Your company will be showcased in 45-60 seconds with b-roll, alongside 2 other companies in a “bite-size,” easy to digest format.

Can I send you footage / images?

Yes! We’d love for you to send us any materials surrounding your business. We can insert your b-roll into the segment to enhance the feature even further!

Where will BizBytes be seen?

The video will be put in both Business Rockstars and CoFoundersLab newsletters, and it will also be up in 84 of the top U.S. and international airports via ReachTV, and in 43 million TV households via BizTV.

Can we get a copy?

Sure thing! We’ll include a copy for your use and email it straight to you!

Company Feature On Biz Bytes

Showcase Your Business In Front Of Millions Through
Our Weekly Biz Bytes Segment and a Feature on Business Rockstars TV!


“Applying to BizBytes was one of the greatest experiences for Anoma. They are so easy to work with and a group of highly talented, professional people who know exactly what they are doing and how to feature individual companies. They did in-depth research and knew everything about the company, which made my job really easy. I highly recommend applying for BizBytes.”

Sai Menon – Co-Founder & CEO, Anoma Inc.

“Working with Business Rockstars was super easy. We basically showed up, and they did all the work. We had no idea how the work was going to turn out, it turned out amazing! I work with different groups and companies, and sometimes that involves a lot i.e., explaining ideas, concepts, thought processes, etc. This was the first time I didn’t have to do all of that. I just mentioned my name and my company, and they figured out the rest. I will highly recommend them to
Startups and founders.”

Nana Wilberforce, CEO of Builddie