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BUSINESS ROCKSTARS is an Entrepreneurial Business Show that brings together some of the world’s biggest and most accomplished CEO’s as well as successful small business owners and Entrepreneurs.

The show is on Radio, live Video Streaming video, and Social Media. Business Rockstars is the largest producer of live video and audio content targeted to entrepreneurs.

Business Rockstars currently airs 2 HOURS DAILY, MONDAY-FRIDAY from
10:00 AM-12:00 PST, from our Burbank studios. BUSINESS ROCKSTARS
RADIO – 150 Radio Markets, including super-station WGN Chicago.
BUSINESS ROCKSTARS DIGITAL; iHeart, TuneIn, Slacker, iTunes.

Business Rockstars reaches a cumulative audience of over a million
listeners / viewers.

Featuring Content From Leading Brands Like


Steve Lehman


Joshua Wenner

President – CoFoundersLab

Ray De La Garza

COO Business Rockstars

Kasia Whiteis

Director of Operations

Thom Beers

Executive Board

Andy Schuon

Executive Board

Scott Fennel

Executive Board

Sean Walsh

Creative Director

Cristian Gonzalez

Director of Engineering

Adi Nuta

Lead Full Stack Developer

Brittany Lehman

Community Partnerships
LA Host – Talent

Jeanne Yurman

Nasdaq – NY Host – Talent

Thur Vu

Nasdaq – SF Host – Talent

Pat O’Brien

LA Correspondent

Alex Wehrley

LA Correspondent

Mark Lack

LA Correspondent

Marcos Chacon

Producer/Post Production Editor

Ky Kenyon

Producer/ Post Production Editor

Brian Vasquez

Audio Content – Radio/Podcast

Amanda Perello

Post Production Editor

Marlon Begue

Post Production Editor