OFF AIR EP 28 – Neff Headwear CEO Shaun Neff on The Power of A Brand

By Bridget Berman | Nov 8, 2016

Shaun Neff, CEO of Neff, goes Off Air. He talks about the power of a brand and how brands affected him at the young age of 12. He talks about how starting young without much experience was actually one of his biggest strengths – that belief and dream as well as naiveness was a blessing.…

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OFF AIR: Ep 27 – Former CEO of IKEA Pernille Spiers-Lopez on Doing A Good Job

By Bridget Berman | Nov 5, 2016

Pernille Spiers-Lopez, the former CEO of IKEA North America and Founder of Good Life Designed, sits down to tell us about starting from the bottom.. now she’s here. “No matter what, we have to do a good job. You have to roll up your sleeves and start from the bottom.” Pernille tells us about the…

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OFF AIR: Ep 26 – JibJab Founder Gregg Spiridellis on Tech & Art

By Bridget Berman | Oct 31, 2016

Gregg Spiridellis, Co-Founder of JibJab, talks about starting a business with his brother, having no regrets, and leaving behind his former life as a Wall-Street banker. Having a father that is a tech entrepreneur and an artist mother, he and his brother took the best of both worlds combining art and tech to build their…

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How to Start A Tea Business

By Bridget Berman | Oct 5, 2016

Want to get into the tea business? Tea veteran, Jeffrey McIntosh, CEO of Teabook, has a few tips for those in or trying to get into the tea biz (also applicable for a lot of other types of businesses). When starting out in the tea business, you want to get close to your suppliers and…

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OFF AIR: EP 18 – Milo Sensors Founder on Startup Life

By Bridget Berman | Sep 20, 2016

“Faith is letting a sure thing die, for a maybe.” Evan Strenk explains that a Startup is one big ‘maybe’. Milo Sensors started out in a garage. When they were just starting out, they had no lab space and had to improvise. A garage for workspace, and a pool table to double as a desk,…

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