DJ SKEE on Becoming A DJ & The Future Of Radio

Scott Keeney aka DJ Skee is an American artist, producer, personality, Founder of Dash Radio, and entrepreneur. DJ Skee started DJ’ing when he was sixteen years old. Called “The Oprah of Music”, Skee’s fame grew when he started playing rising stars (like Kendrick Lamar and Justin Beiber to name a few) before everyone else. Last year, Skee founded Dash Radio, the world's largest all original digital radio network, with more than five million listeners worldwide.

DJ Skee provides insight on some of the traits that make a DJ a household name. He explains how you have to know how to communicate to your audience. You can have all of the technical skills to be a DJ, but if you can’t properly communicate to your fans, you will not make it.

Communicating nicely is also key. DJ Skee has always had the entrepreneurial spirit. He remembers being a young boy and wanting a toy, “As a kid I would always ear-hustle my parents to get what I wanted.” Persistence and keeping your eye on the end prize is why he is where he is today.

If he were to give his younger self advice, he says he would build his network and understand the importance of building with everyone. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice short term things for the long term goal. He also always believes that whatever it is he is working on, it will always work out in the end.