Leonard Kim of InfluenceTree on 5 Things To Build A Personal Brand

Leonard Kim, Managing Partner of InfluenceTree, talks with Mark Lack to talk about tips and tricks that people can start doing to develop a personal brand.

1. Identify your personal brand -- he has an exercise with post-its that you should try because it's absolutely brilliant
2. Figure out who you are like or who you look up to, find 3 people - and see how you can incorporate the things you like about them into your own brand
3. Identify your problem, your market, and your solution -- break those into 3 sentences, then into 1, then into 3 words. Then, tie it all together to make people relate to you.

---- This creates your outline for your personal brand. ----

4. Then you state who you are, put your personality into it.
5. Then use resources like quora and medium to post your content, using social media to drive people to it.