Hey Google, Watch Out For This Entrepreneur

Eric Shashoua, CEO/Founder of Zive Inc. - a company that is reinventing gmail, sits down with Pat O'Brien. Eric, before attending Brown University to study computer science, took a year off and worked in a startup. That helped lead him to entrepreneurship. Working 12-14 hour days, Eric talks the intensity and journey of entrepreneurship, going against the grain, building something great, scaling, having confidence in your product while having the humility, having mentors, not being able to do everything yourself, funding, hiring, and so much more. Eric is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for consumer electronics and software. His devotion to humanized design that is beautiful, seamless, and simple is reflected in every aspect of Zive’s products. Eric previously started and led Zeo, Inc., where he raised $14M in VC funding and launched the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach in the US and Europe. His management philosophy has been strongly influenced by the CEOs of Bose and iRobot, who were active members of Zeo's board.